A terrible thing has happened

My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of MH17. This day a terrible thing has been done to 298 people and their loved ones.

There is a need by some now to either declare there is no God; with such evil. That there can be no God or He would have stopped such a thing.

There is a need by others to say, there is a moral wrong that has been done, in the absence of a God. The two are unconnected.

There is a need by others to know that evil has been done and that hatred transcends lifespans, this is not a new thing. That evil had its origin in the very presence of God and He still smells its stench.

If by removing God we feel we can justify some life choices or an unreconcilable scientific stance, we have excluded the very response to evil.

Without God we cannot say there is evil. The persons who shot that plane down (if that is what happened), were not evil; that is just our perspective.
Without God they just have a different reference point on what is acceptable.
Without God they simply made an error or broke our laws.
Without God there is no point of moral reference, just differing opinion on what is justifiable.

With God there is evil. There is pain and there is choice. With God we may over the coming months pray and support those who have lost loved ones. We can pray and hope that the truth will be known and that those that have been hurt can forgive, but not forget.

Kevin Loo the last two installments

I have to say, this guy is talented, skilled and a genuine person.

Ps Kevin Loo – Ephesians

Ps Kevin continues his series. This is gold, pure gold.

A Parable

In response to the constant criticism of our Church leaders.

There was a village and above the village a tall hill. At the top of the hill lived an old man.
Each morning the old man would walk down the hill from his house. The man walked down, being carful not to fall, with a large barrel on wheels. He would take the barrel and go to the well in the village centre.

The villagers were proud of the well, as it was the envy of the other villages in the area. Being fed by a small stream, running down a hill, ensured it was always fresh and clear.

The man would fill up the barrel and slowly pull the barrel up the hill, to his house. It was a great weight, but each day he did the same.

Now some in the village would stand near the well each day and criticise him.
“Why such a large barrel, for such a small man?” They would ask.

The man would ignore their comments and continue the ritual each day.

As time went on, the crowd at the well grew larger.
“What gives him the right to take so much of our water?” They asked.
No matter how large the crowd grew or open criticism of his actions, the old man ignored them.

Then one day, as had become custom, the crowd waited by the well for the old man to arrive. Only this day he never came. They waited till mid morning and then went home.

Later that day, when the women went to fetch some water, they found the stream that supplied the well had dried up. The crowd gathered and soon concluded that it must be the fault of the old man. They gathered together and made their way up the hill. When they got to the old man’s house, they found him dead on his porch, with the empty barrel beside him.

“At least he won’t be taking our water anymore.” They said.
Some looked around, to see how the man lived, that he should need so much water. Then they found a rock pond. The pond was empty, apart from a few drops of water.
“No wonder it’s empty.” Said one, “There is an exit, stopped with just a few small stones.”
“Look.” Said another, “The exit leads down the hill.”

They all gathered at the top of the hill and looked down. The stream that had fed the well had its origin in the old man’s pond.

Each day, to keep the water in the well from becoming stagnant and stale, the old man would carry as much as he could to the top of the hill. Flowing from his pond and over the stones, the water going into the well was fresh and clear.